Our Market

The eco-conscious market

A marketplace fully committed to its community

The Marché Brossard brings together under the same roof a variety of unique and quality local products that represent an important part of all the cultural diversity present in the heart of the city of Brossard. Keeping in mind a spirit of community, Marché Brossard focuses on the well-being of its clients and its citizens with green and responsible initiatives to ensure sustainable development.

A food experience

Your grocery store

The Marché Brossard brings together a multitude of products, both local and multi-cultural, with a freshness and a superior quality.

Your merchants

The strength of the Marché Brossard lies in its unique, varied and passionate merchants who are entirely dedicated to their products and their customers to always offer the best.

Our people

The Marché Brossard is involved in various ways in its community, particularly with the creation of various events that aim to bring its merchants closer to the public.

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